Tuya WiFi Wireless Smart Home PIR Motion Sensor Security Detectors

The detailed information

Communication protocol: WIFI, independent use without gateway
Function introduction: real-time detection of whether someone exists, micro-motion detection (heartbeat, breathing, etc.), motion detection
Share device with family Create a smart home together with your family member
Custom Areas and Scenes setal arm time,human body sensitivity
It can be intelligently linked to various smart products such as graffiti switches, lamps, curtains, etc., to achieve energy saving and environmental protection, elderly monitoring, security alarm, hotel room management and other functions.

Differences from traditional human PIR infrared sensors:

PIR infrared sensors can only detect human motion, but cannot detect when people are still, and the false alarm is serious.

The human presence sensor adopts the principle of radar and microwave, and the detection is real and reliable. It can penetrate obstacles such as glass and gypsum board, and can detect human breathing and heartbeat. The application value is huge.