WiFi Smart IR Transmitter, IR Universal Remote Control, All in One Control for Air Conditioner, TV, LED, Fan, DVD Player, etc. Compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Asslstant, Smart Life, Graffiti, No H

The detailed information

1. The all-in-one infrared remote control comes with an adapter and a USB 2.0 cable.
2. You can plug it into any place you like via wall socket or USB port.
3. It is recommended to use smart infrared in every room, because infrared cannot penetrate walls.
4. DIY "smart life" learning function, copy the same function of the original remote control.
5. Only 2.4G WiFi connection is supported.

This WiFi remote control transmits IR signals to your home electronics and appliances via WiFi, which is controlled by voice and APP on your phone/tablet.
The device supports voice control, which can easily turn on/off infrared home appliances such as TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, systems, range hoods, LED lights, curtains, fans, air conditioners, etc.
Compatible with mainstream smart speakers (compatible with Google Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa Echo, IFTTT, TMALL GENIE, etc.). No need to manually switch and turn your device on/off. Remotely control most IR devices with hands-free voice control commands such as: changing volume and channel, room temperature, portable fan speed, mute/unmute, on/off, and more.
Support mainstream infrared home appliance brands, built-in infrared code library, through infrared code learning, general infrared control can be used to control your electrical equipment.