Wirelees Smoke Detector YG-09W

The detailed information

Using photoelectric smoke sensor, without any radiation.
Using ultra-low power design, can effectively extend the battery life.
With sound and light alarm, low power indicate.
With manual reset and self-test function.
WIFI reporting function;
Mute function;
After the network is connected with WIFI, under normal circumstances, the device will upload the heartbeat to update the device power within 7 days;

Operating voltage:DC 3V (2 AA batteries)
Standby current:510UA
Alarm curren:$140mA
Battery failure:$2.7V
Alarm sound pressure:285dB (3m away)
WiFi frequency:2.4GHZ
Protected area:When the space height is 6-12 meters, the protected
area is about 80 square meters; The height is less than
6 meters, and the protection area is about 60 square
meters; Specific parameters should be based on the GB
20517-2006 code for the design of automatic fire alarm
Working environment:Temperature -15°C ~ + 55°C.
relative humidity<95% RH
Housing material:Flame retardant ABS